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Saturday, April 29th, 2006
7:03 pm
I'm sick for the second time in a month.

That means I've been sick this month more than I've been sick in the past four, five years. Ugh.

...buuuuuuut I'm still in a good mood.


Here's why.Collapse )


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Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
1:09 am - wussiest update EVER.
This isn't quite an update, but rather a little scribble to reassure you folks that I'm not dead. I've found a couple of you on MySpace, and I'm quite surprised at my finds. Some of you whom I'd expect to have a MySpace don't have one, and those of you that I'd thought were vehemently anti-MySpace seem to have them, fancifully decorated and filled with various pictures and videos and music and whatnot.

Anyway, this pretty much sums up my feelings about The Life Pursuit, Belle and Sebastian's latest and not-so-greatest:

I've been having quite a torrid love affair with Josh Rouse and They Shoot Horses Don't They though. The former, great indie-lite singer/songwriter stuff; the latter, great fun discordant poppy stuff.

Also, the Natalie Portman rap that's been circulating is easily one of the funnier things I've seen recently.

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
1:57 pm
Yeah, after a 1+ month hiatus, I'M BACK NIGGAS.

Not much to say, except I experienced my very first piss-drunk night a few weeks ago, and I learned I can drink a boatload if you give it to me. Between me and Eddy, we drank over a litre of vodka. Rawk.

Ever since then, I've been drinking regularly with my dad during the weekends, and I've been knocking them down. Usually it was just two shots of soju, a glass or two of wine, but man, now it's at another level. Two shots of soju? Pfft, make that 8 shots, homie. Two glasses of wine? Double that.

All that drinking has to come with a consequence though, and what a consequence it is; I know I'm not the only one, but even putting one glass of wine in me will loosen up my tongue enough for me to be insanely honest. Ask me any question and I'll it truthfully. Wanna know what I think about you? I will answer it without hesitation. It's almost gotten me in trouble, but luckily the chick was cool with everything I spewed.

Other news?

I need a haircut and I'm very pretty to look at in the morning.Collapse )

Spontaneous midnight drives on an insane sugar high with Franz Ferdinand blasting is the motherfucking SHIT.Collapse )

Just about the only thing I can complain about is my music collection's starting to stagnate. I've gotten into the electronica scene recently, and I've been expanding my rap collection, but I've yet to really update my indie rock collection. I've been going to older artists like The Smiths, and they're brilliant, but I just want more, you know?

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Thursday, September 15th, 2005
11:18 pm
I'm insanely depressed, but it's okay, because it's my birthday!

24 hours ago it was, anyway.

I'm moving my bitchfest to my MySpace blog, so you folks won't have to deal with it.

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Monday, September 12th, 2005
11:51 pm
I think I'm finally getting decent at this guitar thing.

Five points to whomever can name the song.

This one too.

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Friday, September 9th, 2005
3:53 pm
You know it's going to be a great weekend when you start it off by putting 40 bucks of gas in your car and not even filling it up all the way.

current mood: guess.

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
12:35 am
I can't believe I've gone this long without checking out The Dismemberment Plan. So fucking awesome. The City is now my favorite song, which is a fucking mindblower, considering I've never ever had a favorite song. The moment I listened to it and found myself having a newfound appreciation for music, I knew. God, so fucking brilliant. Time Bomb and Superpowers are awesome awesome songs, but they just ring to the quality of The City. A pity they broke up, or I'd be trying to get live show tickets as quickly as possible.

Speaking of live shows, Atmosphere's heading here on the first of November. Anybody wanna hit him up? His new album's decent, nothing special, although Watch Out and Little Man are absolutely muthafucking hawt tracks.

Oh, and I've rediscovered power pop, or what you casual folk call "emo". Jack's Mannequin, Andrew McMahon's solo project (you know, that nigga from Something Corporate), is pretty damned good. I think I like him better than Ben Folds.

I don't know when, but I've undergone a transformation, literally overnight. I've gone from "shy well-dress-maybe-homosexual nerd" to "arrogant cocky asshole". I'm not even quite sure how it happened; I mean, I'm still the same person I've always been. Mayhaps I'm a little smarmier than before, but I'm still the same Allen at heart. Fuck; does that mean I've always been a cocky douche? Meh. Better to make like I have confidence than to look awkward and socially inept.

For the first time in college, I'm stressing over girls. Bloody amazing. Even more amazing, considering I never stand for this game-playing shit. Whatever. Shit happens.

You are invited by anyone to do anything
You are invited for all time
You are so needed by everyone to do everything
You are invited for all time

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Saturday, August 13th, 2005
2:34 am
If any kind, ridiculously rich, generous soul is reading this, would you please, please buy me this? Or, if you're feeling extra generous, could you buy me that and this as well?

Or, if you're poor, but still generous, could you sign up for my FreePSPs account? I gave up on it, but miraculously 2 people completed their referrals, so I need one more now. Pleeeeaaaassseeee?

On a side note, I'm feeling rather depressed. Emo, if you will. Don't ask why.

Really, don't, because I haven't a clue.

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Friday, August 12th, 2005
3:58 am
I like the feeling of my calloused fingertips. Makes me feel as if I finally accomplished something.

The new American Analog Set is mellow heaven.

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Thursday, August 11th, 2005
2:41 am
P.S. I think I'm getting sick of my job. The people I work with are wonderful, but I was supposedly promised a promotion soon, and if it doesn't happen, I'm going to go out to look for a decent-paying job, maybe even an office job.

Anybody here have any info on any possible job openings? Internships? Anything?

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1:25 am
The new Animal Collective album leaked, and it's pretty darned great. It's not as surprising as Sung Tongs, but it's a lot more upbeat and I think a lot more catchy. It's a great little prelude of what's to come later. This fall is going to be tough on my wallet; too many albums coming out all at once, especially in October.

Benneh, you need to get on AIM or something, because yeah, we got concerts to go to, man. Animal Collective's going to be playing in November at, that's right, the muthafuckin EL REY. Man, I love that place so so much.

These days, I sometimes wonder why I even make an effort to update this thing. Try as hard as I can to convince myself this is all for me, I know that's just a steaming pile of doody. There's nobody out there with a blog that doesn't do it so that others can sympathize/empathize with them. Nobody. And I don't want to sound like an emo kid or anything, but few people read this blog, and even fewer actually take some of the things I say and recommend into account, so this is really for naught, eh? I can vent and sypathize on IGN, and if I have to resort to the lowest common denominator, MySpace, so really, what's the point of this blog? Could anybody please tell me? It's obvious this is becoming a routine, mundane thing where I recommend some music, comic, or any other nerd-related item, bitch about things that bug me, and brag about how awesome I am.

I know tomorrow I'll wake up and regret I made such a stupid update, but yeah, I'M ON THE VERGE OF E-SUICIDE HERE, FUCKERS!


I think I found out another one of my personality faults today. Actually, rediscovered is a better word; I always sound too fucking sarcastic. I can't say "you're welcome" or "hi!" or "that's a shame!" and sound sincere, even if I genuinely feel that way. That's probably another reason why I love this medium; sarcasm's is a hard emotion to comprehend on the Internet. Although that's both a good and bad thing, but generally I suppose the benefits outweigh the consequences. Oh well; until I hurt someone I love, or at the least, someone I want to bone, there's no reason to change.

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Monday, August 8th, 2005
1:14 am
I bought new PC speakers. Creative 2.1 speakers, to be exact. For 30 bucks, these babies ain't bad. I love the extra kick the sub is giving. I love music. =o)

My buddies at IGN persuaded me to get a MySpace, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the fuck it's actually for. Meeting bitches? Nah, because there aren't any chicks in this area worth meeting, that actually have a MySpace.

Making friends? Yeah fucking right.

Showing off how cool you are by your really impractical layouts (black backgrounds with black font color? LOLZ UR SOOOO SMRT!), cliché emo pictures (you know, the ones that are close up and angled), and your abundance of e-friends? Seems just about right.

Anyway, if any of y'all want to check it out for some bizarre reason, my name thingy is tweeeeee. Careful though; I have a couple risqué pictures, and a couple really gay ones. Oh, and I don't have that many e-friends, so don't e-laugh at me or something. I'd be terribly e-hurt and end up e-cutting my e-wrists.

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Saturday, August 6th, 2005
3:18 am
Simple facts that seem to elude the idiots we call society:

-Popping your collar is dumb, stupid, idiotic, retarded, generic, and makes you look like a tool, which you most likely are.
-Emo haircuts don't make you look emotional, and they certainly don't make you look "cool". Why waste money on a haircut like that when you can kick your own ass for free?
-Conor Oberst is a pretentious, suburban tool. Bob Dylan is not a pretentious, suburban tool. Therefore, Conor Oberst is not the next Bob Dylan. GET OVER IT.
-Wristbands are for tennis players and marathon masturbators. They are not for guitarists of crappy alternative pop-rock bands and Warped Tour stoners.
-Twirly color guard tricks with a guitar = YOU'RE A PUSSY.
-Civics aren't fast; quit putting shit on them that makes them look like a fucking Transformer.
-Reading Pitchfork daily does not automatically give you indie cred.

Feel free to add more.

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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
3:13 am
Hahaha, I'm having a blast right now. Thanks to my good chums at the Indie Rock Boards, I've found a blog with a ton of indie artists covering popular Top 40 songs, here and here. My favorite? Ted Leo's cover of Kelly Clarkson, no doubt, but that's mostly because I was there the first time he played it live. Gotta admit though; the Unicorns do a mean P.I.M.P.

BWAHAHA, the cover for Ludacris just came on. This is awesome shit; I'm gonna bump this at school.

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
2:08 am
Vacation's cancelled! Due to my father's conflicts with his business, we can't go anywhere. Which is odd, considering my father doesn't even work right now. Well, I suppose listening to Jim Cramer yell at the camera and push buttons that make kooky sound effects could be some sort of job. But yeah, I'm really disappointed, because I really wanted to get out of this state and go somewhere where I actually feel unique and not so generically cookie-cutter.

In other words, I want out of state girls.

Oh, and plus, I'm not going to Vegas. Yeah, I was there last week, but that was more a guys' night out deal. Was really hoping I could meet up with a couple friends this time around.


You know how, when you get something you've always wanted, you try to keep it pristine and undamaged as long as possible; to keep that wonderful luster on it as long as you possibly can, even if it means shining it up every single day? You worry about how well it'll perform, but, even moreso, how good it'll look? You maybe even buy additional things you'd otherwise never waste money on, just to keep it awesome? And then, eventually, you just stop caring about the looks and performance altogether; you don't care if there's a huuuuuuuge scratch on the face of it, or if you drop it and put a dent in it that looks like Gorbachev's weird mole thing? That, as long as it does what it does, nothing more, nothing less, you couldn't care less if everything else about it was crap?

Yeah, that's pretty much how my life is right now. Nothing peripheral happening. It just is. And I couldn't care less about it.

there will always be a headless neck
there will always be happiness
there will always be a handless wrist to crush
there will always be a hopeful heart to disrespect

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
4:04 am
Jealousy, stupidity, and a surprisingly fragile self-esteem make Allen moderately stressed and depressed.

Scratch that; make it really stressed.

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Monday, July 25th, 2005
3:32 am
Don't you hate it when you're full of absolute ecstacy after finally "getting" an album you've bought and neglected for over a year, but then you actually realize what it's all about and get uber-depressed as a result?

Damn you Xiu Xiu. Why'd you have to be so brilliantly emotional?

Break my face in
It was the kindest touch you ever gave
Wrap my dreams around your thighs
And drape my hope upon the chance to touch your arm
Fabulous muscles
Cremate me after you cum on my lips
Honey boy place my ashes in a vase
Beneath your workout bench
No romance no sexiness
But a star-filled night
Kneeling down before the now familiar flesh
Of your deformed penis
Wigging out before the unfamiliar flesh
Of my broken neck

Disturbingly beautiful.

Oh, and Vegas was good. Ate buffets, furtively gambled, got uber stoned, etc etc etc.

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
2:36 am
I can't comprehend how people can live in such horribly depressing weather.

I'll have to ask my friend about it, and prepare myself for the worst when I embark for the city of whores and family entertainment on Thursday. If worst comes to worst and the temperature becomes absolutely unbearable, sitting around and smoking out sounds like an awesome alternative.

Anywho, remember how I had a craving for noisy, yet rhythmic chaos? Thanks to Pitchfork, I've realized how bad I've really had it for noise/techno/electronica. I just d/led Mahjongg's Raydoncong 2005 and Isolée's We Are Monster, and they are an absolute blast to listen to. Brilliant noisy techno/electronica fun. It's actually pretty surprisingly mellow too. I think I have new sleeping music. Mahjongg's a pleasant surprise, considering how similar it sounds to M.I.A.'s Arular, which I've heard and hate with a passion. This stuff makes !!! look like absolutely overrated crap. I love it. Certainly makes me glad I can appreciate non-linear music. Any of you guys want something different, give Mahjongg and Isolée a try. They're pretty decently accessible when it comes to open-minded casual listeners.

Next up on the d/l block: The Stars - Set Yourself on Fire. Been meaning to get this for a good while, but I got caught up in re-ripping all my CDs --which, I may add, I'm not even close to finishing-- and didn't have any real time. I'll just leave the BitTorrent on tonight.

Y'know, I'm actually looking forward to work tomorrow. Being cooped up in this house isn't all that great.

Oh, and the mystery frozen treat was a chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bar. A very disgusting tasting vanilla ice cream bar. Stupid health foods.

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
2:18 am
At this moment I am staring at a wrapped frozen treat, conveniently placed on my desk, with no idea what it is. Went rummaging through our freezer and found it laying there upon a frozen French bread pizza, away from its cardboard box habitat. What could it be? A chocolate covered ice cream bar? Mayhaps some sort of fruity delight? Some sort of creamy bomb, even? The only clue I have is that it's apparently made by Healthy Choice, as it's repeatedly printed on the wrapper. I'll find out after this entry.

Anywho, Disneyland was an absolute blast. What with it being the 50th anniversary and all, the place was packed to the max, and no Mickeys or Goofys were to be found in the park. However, they did give us free commemorative Mickey Mouse hats; y'know, the ones with the ears. These were more awesome though, because instead of black, they were gold, and the ears were shiny. Yeah, I know you're jealous.

Naturally, the first ride to go on was Space Mountain, and even though we managed to get there a mere hour after opening, the queue had already extended to a 60 minute wait. It was pretty much worth it though; the interior was revamped so it didn't look so cheesy 80s, and the ride was much better than before. It was pitch black, and there were tons of jumps and twists that I don't remember at all. Extremely satisfying, and we were glad we got in there earlier, because when we came out of the ride, the wait had extended to a whopping 145 minutes. I wanted to go on it a couple more times, but no dice, considering that, even when we left at about 9PM, the queue was still 90 minutes.

All the other rides seemed extremely fresh as well; I don't remember Indiana Jones being that hectic and fast, and Big Thunder was never that fun. Pirates of the Carribbean didn't have that many drops last I rode it, either. I suppose it was more enjoyable mainly because I'm older now (duh), and I can appreciate everything that went into the rides. Not only did I marvel at the rides themselves, but everything leading up to the rides was so satisfying and brilliantly done; all the subtle nuances that I had glanced over as a kid were now blatantly visible, and as a result the rides became that much better and more exhilarating.

Lunch was excellent too; I can't go to Disneyland and then not have the excellent clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl for lunch. Nostalgia made the soup more delicious, methinks. They handed out free cupcakes with the meals, being Disneyland's birthday and all, but the cupcakes sucked ass. The cream on top looked delicious, but it was all butter. Disgusting.

The rest of the day was spent riding rides; screw the shows and the parades, although we did see the one and only Governator there earlier. Splash Mountain was great, but it was the only ride where I didn't feel "it".

Left the park at about 9PM, as previously mentioned, with bags full of candy, and headed to the BJ's in Brea for dinner. Chicken alfredo pizza with roasted garlic cloves = teh muthafuckin hawtness. Ended up coming home at about 11:30, and I passed out shortly thereafter. Well, if 1:30 in the morning counts as "shortly thereafter".

A trip to Disneyland without pics is like having a whore without any crack. You figure it out.Collapse )

I woke up at 2:30PM today. With the exception of the night after Prom (where I groggily woke up at nearly 4PM), I don't think I've ever slept til that late. What was left of the day was spent watching Batman: TAS, Season Five of The Simpsons, and looking up various info on MiniMates. Collection's slowly and surely coming along.Collapse )

Currently re-downloading Out Hud, Black Dice and Lightning Bolt. I'm in the mood for some loud chaotic noise.

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Thursday, July 14th, 2005
3:01 am
It may be a tad tight on time, but I'm highly contemplating attending Comic-Con this year. I'm thinking I could get somebody else to work my Friday shift, spend the whole day at SD, possibly sleep at a cheap hotel over there (or bunk with somebody else, if possible), and spend half of the Saturday there, coming back home right on time for work. Or not.

Either way, thanks to lookin at the plentiful SDCC exclusives, I'm now addicted to MiniMates, otherwise known as oversized Lego peoples. Why, I'm not quite sure; all I know is that they're uber-cute and awesome, and I WANT THEM.

I mean, how can you NOT think these are awesome?!Collapse )

Call me a ginormous geek if you want, but I think I finally found a cool hobby that's relatively inexpensive, compared to music or comics. =oD

Oh, and made plans to go to Disneyland with Eddy on either Sunday or Monday. Space Mountain's open again, so that should be awesome.


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